Senin, 17 November 2008

Shoot Her Now..

A posting aboud my heart...

My poor confused heart what should I do??
Should I shoot her now??what aboud her feelings??is she like it or it can be much worse than before..
the relationship that I made so hard,the goodness,the care n all sacrifices...
I'm too scared to lose it..all the moments that we made,even it's just a little,but it's so precious,,
It's just like I want to talk with her everyday..dnt wanna lose her,dnt wanna make her cry,always by her side,cheering at her while she's down..
It's just a big I wrong??is it bad to dreaming??
dream can take us into a whole new step in life..
it can be better or worse...
but now I need a breve,a brave to say it out loud,a brave to say that I love her much than she tought..
hope you guys can support me...
between my confused heart and a passion to say this words..

"I love u,be my girl"